GCSE Edexcel Psychology

taught by Saman Farooq (BSc)

Course description

Our Edexcel GCSE in Psychology engages students with the process of psychology and its application in today’s world. This contemporary course covers key psychological questions and terms, the research of psychologists, and the research of the students themselves.

The course units are:

1. Topic A : How do we see our world?

2. Topic B : Is dreaming meaningful?

3. Topic C : Do TV and video games affect young peoples behaviour?

4. Topic D : Why do we have phobias?

5. Topic E : Are criminals born or made?

Saman  Farooq (BSc)
Saman Farooq (BSc)
Senior Teacher

Course Curriculum

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Topic A How do we see
lesson 1 Introduction and How do we see
Internal parts of the eye
Central Pathways
lesson 2 Seeing Depth
Monocular depth cue worksheet
Depth cue handout
lesson 3 Explaining Illusions
lesson 4 schema and perception
lesson 5 Designing Experiments
lesson 6 Dealing With Results
lesson 7 Eyewitness Testimony
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Topic B Is Dreaming Meaningful?
1. Freud
3 Case Studies Psychoanalysts disorders
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Topic C Do Video Games Affect Young Peoples Behaviour?
1 Nature v Nurture
2 Case Studies
3 Content Analysis Psychologists Watershed
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Topic D Why do we have Phobias?
1. Nature v Nurture
2 Questionnaires / Animals
3 Treating Phobias
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Are Criminals born or made?
1. Nature v Nurture
2 Juries Attractiveness Practical Issues
3. offender profiling forensics
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