iGCSE Edexcel Geography

Coming 1st September | taught by Tahir Hussain BSc (HONS) MSc.

Course description

Please note: This course does not include exam registration. You will have to make your own exam arrangements. Your IQPlus tutor can help find an exam centre nearer the time. The school or college will charge a fee for hosting the exam. You may be able to take your exam at an IQPlus centre, which will incur an additional fee.

Tahir Hussain BSc (HONS) MSc.
Tahir Hussain BSc (HONS) MSc.

Course Curriculum

Topic 1 Hazardous Environments
1 Earthquakes and volcanoes
2 Storms, Impacts, Reasons for living in danger zones
3 managing, predicting hazards
4 preparing for and responding to hazards
5 Case Studies Hazards
6 Hazard Exam questions
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Topic 2 River Environments
1 Intro+Hydrocycle and River regime
2 River processes and landforms
3 water uses, demand supply
4. Water Quality
5 Three Gorges Dam
6 Flooding Causes and management
fieldwork opportunities
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Topic 3 Economic Activity and Energy
1 introduction
2 Sectors of Industry
3 Economic Structures of Countries
4 Factors affecting Tertiary and Quaternary Sectors
5 Factors Affecting Location of Manufacturing
6 Energy Demand and the Energy Gap
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Topic 4 Urban Environments
1 urban environments
2. urban environments
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Topic 5 Fragile Environments
1. Fragile environments
2. Fragile environments
3. Fragile environments
4. Fragile environments
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