iGCSE Edexcel Chemistry

taught by Tahir Hussain BSc (HONS) MSc.

Course description

This international GCSE qualification in chemistry encourages students to be inspired, motivated and challenged by following a broad, coherent, practical, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. It encourages students to develop their curiosity about the material and physical worlds and provide insight into and experience of how science works. It enables students to engage with chemistry in their everyday lives and to make informed choices about further study in chemistry and related disciplines and career choices.

The course structure:

1. Principles of Chemistry

2. Chemistry of the Elements

3. Organic Chemistry

4. Physical Chemistry

5. Chemistry In Industry

Please note: This course does not include exam registration. You will have to make your own exam arrangements. Your IQPlus tutor can help find an exam centre nearer the time. The school or college will charge a fee for hosting the exam. You may be able to take your exam at an IQPlus centre, which will incur an additional fee.

Tahir Hussain BSc (HONS) MSc.
Tahir Hussain BSc (HONS) MSc.


Course Curriculum

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Lesson 1 States of matter
Lesson 1 intro and states of matter
Lesson 1 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 1 worksheet
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Lesson 2 atoms, elements and compounds
lesson 2 elements compounds and mixtures
lesson 2 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 2 worksheet
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lesson 3 separating mixtures
lesson 3 separating mixtures
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Lesson 4 atomic structure and the periodic table
lesson 4 Atomic Structure and the periodic Table
lesson 3 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 3 worksheet
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lesson 5 Balancing equations
lesson 4 multiple choice quiz
lesson 5 balancing equations
Lesson 4 worksheet
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Lesson 6 Calculations in chemistry
lesson 6 part 1 Amount of Substance - Calculations
lesson 6 part 2 Amount of Substance - Calculations
lesson 6 part 3 Amount of Substance - Calculations
Lesson 5 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 5 worksheet
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lesson 7 Calculations - Bringing all together
lesson 7 Calculations - bringing it together
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lesson 8 Ionic bonding
lesson 6 ionic bonding
lesson 6 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 6 worksheet
lesson 8a ionic bonding
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lesson 9 Covalent bonding
lesson 9 covalent bonding
lesson 9 covalent bonding
lesson 9 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 9 worksheet
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lesson 10 Metallic bonding
lesson 10 metallic bonding
Lesson 10 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 10 worksheet
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lesson 11 Electrolysis
lesson 11 electrolysis
lesson 11 multiple choice quiz
Lesson 11 worksheet
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Lesson 12 Group 1
lesson 10 group1
Lesson 10 worksheet
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Lesson 13 Group 7 elements- Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine
Lesson 11 worksheet
lesson 7 Group 7 - halogens
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Lesson 14 Gases in the atmosphere
lesson 12 gases in the atmosphere
Lesson 12 worksheet
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Lesson 15 Hydrogen and Water
Lesson 13 worksheet
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Lesson 16 Reactivity series
lesson 14 reactivity series
Lesson 14 worksheet
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Lesson 18 Testing for Gases and Ions
lesson 15 testing for ions and gases
Lesson 15 worksheet
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Lesson 19 Alkanes
Lesson 16 worksheet
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Lesson 20 Alkenes
Lesson 17 worksheet
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Lesson 21 Ethanol
Lesson 18 worksheet
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Lesson 22 Acids and Alkalis
Lesson 19 worksheet
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Lesson 23 Energetics
lesson 20 energetics
Lesson 20 worksheet
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Lesson 24 Rates of reaction
lesson 21 rates of reaction
Lesson 21 worksheet
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Lesson 25 Equilibria
lesson 22 equilibria
Lesson 22 worksheet
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Lesson 26 Extraction of metals
lesson 23 extraction of metals
Lesson 23 worksheet
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Lesson 27 Crude oil
Lesson 24 worksheet
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Lesson 28 Synthetic polymers
Lesson 25 worksheet
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Lesson 29 Industrial manufacturing of chemicals
Lesson 26 worksheet
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